Sunday, March 11, 2012

An Account of the Improper Celebration of the Holy Qurbana in the Syro Malabar Church

This is a collection of improper celebration of the Holy Qurbana. Readers may send their observations. This compilation is based on the Constitution of the Sacred Liturgy SACROSANCTUM CONCILIUM solemnly promulgated by His Holiness Pope Paul VI on December 4, 1963.

Law of the Church says that “The faithful have a right to a true Liturgy “CIC 528 ß2.
There are two things: Invalid Holy Qurbana and Illicit Holy Qurbana. Both are not accepted in the Church.
We have our right to have proper celebration of the Holy Qurbana for us.
Can you help me in getting the information regarding the improper celebration of the Holy Qurbana?
Please fill in the form given given below. You may pass the information to others also.

1.  The Celebrant facing the faithful throughout the Qurbana
The Celebrant facing the faithful during the Liturgy of Word and face Mad'baha after the Creed
As per Letter No. Prot.N 1796/99 from Congregation for the Oriental Churches, it is advisable to face the Mad'baha throughout the Qurbana
 2. The Celebrant is in the Madbaha throughout the Qurbana
Church should have the nave (Haikala), the choir (Qestroma) and the sanctuary (Mad'baha). Distinct from the altar, there should be a Bema arranged in the centre of the nave. (General Instructions -GI 5 and 6)
 3. Some priests at the Bema and some priests in the Madbaha.
It conveys no theology. There is a time for formal entry to Mad'baha. Only then, priests are supposed to enter Mad'baha.
 4. Not using the Sanctuary Veil
A veil separates Madbaha from the Qestroma. (General Instructions -GI 5)
 5. Entrance Song, Communion Song, Concluding Song
There is no theological basis for this. For Qurbana, there is an introduction, there are prayers before communion and after communion and there is a final blessing. Then, what is the purpose these songs. Holy Qurbana is not a public meeting for entertainment. Interestingly, in many cases, some songs are sung in all the three different occasions. e.g. Thirunamakeerthanam Paduvanallenkil...., Any song with a word "Aradhana"
 5. Improper recitation of prayers such as
  • Prayer of the Celebrant by the Deacon
  • Prayer of the Celebrant by the Choir
  • Prayer of the Celebrant by the Community
  • Prayer of the Deacon by the Choir
  • Prayer of the Deacon by the Community
As the Church should have the Mad'baha, Qestroma and Haikala, there are prayers assigned to participants who are in each of these levels. Hence, it is improper to interchange the prayers. In many cases, it is the impulsive inspiration (and the so-called creativity) of the Celebrant that makes people to say prayers of the Celebrant as well as that of the Deacon.
In many parishes and communities, it is now a custom and right of the people to say certain prayers of the Celebrant. This is seen from the introductory prayer to the farewell prayer.